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The Social World of the New Testament

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The Social World of the New Testament
Jerome H. Neyrey
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Insights and Models.
This study surveys essential contributions made by leading scholars of the social-scientific approach to New Testament studies. Including important essays by Bruce J. Malina and John J. Pilch, among others, this book acts as a comprehensive collection of the most important essays and articles in the field. Included are topics vital to the social scientific interpretation of the New Testament, organized under three headings:
* Kinship: All in the Family: Kinship in Agrarian Roman Palestine - K.C. Hanson
* The Patron-Client Institution: God in the Letter of James: Patron or Benefactor? - Alicia Batten
* Economics: Jesus and Agrarian Palestine: The Factor of Debt - Douglas E. Oakman
* Honor and Shame: Loss of Wealth, Loss of Family, Loss of Honor: The Cultural Context of the Original Makarisms in Q - Jerome H. Neyrey, SJ
* Purity: The Epistle of James in Rhetorical and Social-Scientific Perspective: Holiness-Wholeness and Patterns of Replication - John H. Elliott
* Social Location: Was Jesus a Peasant: Implications for Reading the Jesus Tradition (Luke 10:30-35) - Douglas E. Oakman
* Social Location: The Social Location of the Markan Audience - Richard L. Rohrbaugh
* Gender: Who Should Be Called ÊFatherË? Paul of Tarsus between the Jesus Tradition and Patria Potestas - S. Scott Bartchy
* Space: ÊTeaching You in Public and from House to HouseË (Acts 20:20): Unpacking a Cultural Stereotype - Jerome H. Neyrey, SJ
* Healing: Healing in Luke-Acts - John J. Pilch
* Evil Eye: Paul, Galatians, and the Evil Eye - John H. Elliott
* Limited Good: ÊHe Must Increase, I Must DecreaseË(John 3:30): A Cultural and Social Interpretation - Richard L. Rohrbaugh and Jerome H. Neyrey
Modal Personality:
* Modal Personality: Ancient Mediterranean Persons in Cultural Perspective: Portrait of Paul - Jerome H. Neyrey, SJ and Bruce J. Malina
'This collection of articles offers readers an insightful orientation to social-scientific criticism and to cultural concepts and models that are assumed by New Testament texts. Working with writings from across the NT, the articles identify and elucidate central aspects of the ancient cultural system: kinship, patron-client relations, economics, honor and shame, purity, social location, gender, space, healing, evil eye, limited good, and modal personality. The result is a recognition of the significant distance between our world and the NT world, along with considerable insight into the meaning of NT texts.' - Warren Carter
Editors: Jerome H. Neyrey and Eric C. Stewart.
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