The Assembly's Shorter Catechism Explained

The Assembly's Shorter Catechism Explained

By Way of Question and Answer. In Two Parts.
The Shorter Catechism, composed by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, with assistance from the Commissioners of the Church of Scotland, being approved by the General Assembly of the said church in 1648 is above any recommendation of ours; having its praises already in all the churches of Christ, abroad and at home, among whom it has been justly admired as a master-piece of its kind, both for fulness of its matter, and the compendious and perspicuous manner in which it is expressed.
The materials of the following catechism are collected by several ministers, and it was recommended to three of their number, to revise what should be done by so many hands, that there might be uniformity of style and method, and that repetitions might be prevented as much as possible. It has pleased the Lord to take home to Himself one of these three (Rev. Ralph Erskine), who assisted in the composing and revising of the first part; but, though he be dead, he yet speaketh, and will be spoken of for his excellent works by all those who will have any relish or taste for sound doctrine and experimental godliness. - From the preface to the first edition by Ebenezer Erskine James Fisher (February, 1753).
Authors: James Fisher, Ebenezer Erskine, and Ralph Erskine.
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The Assembly's Shorter Catechism Explained


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