Pilgrim's Progress (new Penguin ed.)

Pilgrim's Progress (new Penguin ed.)

From This World, to That Which is to Come.
Bunyan wrote the first part of The Pilgrim's Progress when he was in
prison for conducting unauthorised Baptist religious services outside of the
Church of England. It was published in 1678; the second part was published in
1684. In Bunyan's hands a pious tract is transformed into a work of imaginative
literature whose influence, both indirectly on the English consiousness and
directly on the literature that followed, has been immeasurable. The rich
countryman's phrases that Bunyan borrowed or invented have become enshrined in
the language, and many of the characters he created to people his imaginary
world have won for themselves an independent and unforgettable existence.
Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Roger Pooley, in which he discusses
Bunyan's life and theology, as well as the text's biblical and historical
backdrop, its success and critical history. This edition also includes
accompanying seventeenth-century illustrations, a chronology, suggested further
reading, notes and an index.

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Pilgrim's Progress (new Penguin ed.)


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