William Perkins and the Making of a Protestant England

William Perkins and the Making of a Protestant England

William Perkins and the Making of Protestant England presents a new
interpretation of the theology and historical significance of William Perkins
(1558-1602), a prominent Cambridge scholar and teacher during the reign of
Queen Elizabeth I. Though often described as a Puritan, Perkins was in fact a
prominent and effective apologist for the established church whose
contributions to English religious thought had an immense influence on an
English Protestant culture that endured well into modern times.
The English Reformation is shown to be a part of the European-wide Reformation,
and Perkins himself a leading Reformed theologian. In A Reformed Catholike
(1597), Perkins distinguished the theology upheld in the English Church from
that of the Roman Catholic Church, while at the same time showing the
considerable extent to which the two churches shared common concerns. His books
dealt extensively with the nature of salvation and the need to follow a moral
way of life. Perkins wrote pioneering works on conscience and 'practical
In The Arte of Prophecying (1607), he provided preachers with a guidebook to
the study of the Bible and their oral presentation of its teachings. He dealt
boldly and in down-to-earth terms with the need to achieve social justice in an
era of severe economic distress. Perkins is shown to have been instrumental to
the making of a Protestant England, and to have contributed significantly to
the development of the religious culture not only of Britain but also of a
broad range of countries on the Continent.

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William Perkins and the Making of a Protestant England


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