Thomas Aquinas (VSI)

Thomas Aquinas (VSI)

A Very Short Introduction.
Thomas Aquinas, an Italian
Catholic priest in the early thirteeth century, is one of the giants of
medieval philosophy, a thinker who had - and who still has - a profound
influence on Western thought. Aquinas was a controversial figure in his time
who was often engaged in fierce theological debates. He was the foremost
classical proponent of natural theology, and the father of the Thomistic school
of philosophy and theology.
This Very Short Introduction will look at
Aquinas in a historical context, and explore the Church and culture into which
Aquinas was born. It will consider Aquinas as philosopher and theologian, and
will look at the relationship between philosophy and religion in the thirteenth
century. Fergus Kerr, in this engaging and informative introduction, makes the
Summa Theologiae, Aquinas's greatest single work, accessible to new
readers. He also sheds valuable light on the importance of Thomas Aquinas in
modern times, showing why Aquinas matters now, illustrating the significant
role that the writings of Aquinas play in contemporary debate.
Very Short Introduction.
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Thomas Aquinas (VSI)


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