The European Reformations Sourcebook (2nd Edition)

The European Reformations Sourcebook (2nd Edition)

This revised and expanded volume brings together a carefully-selected
collection of primary sources drawn from medieval and sixteenth-century texts.
Notable for its comprehensive coverage, it consolidates a broad range of
important documents, which until now, have been scattered through numerous
volumes of primary materials.
- An invaluable collection of primary sources, edited by a renowned
scholar, which brings together significant and illuminating documents from this
influential period
- Revised and updated to include catechetical writings by Luther and Calvin,
increased analysis of their theological writings, as well as coverage of women
reformers such as Caritas Pirckheimer, Katharina Sch├╝tz-Zell, and Olimpia
- Includes a broad range of documents spanning major theological writings
to confessions, political grievances, and writings drawn from tracts, poems,
and satires
- Features observer accounts of events and debates that lucidly depict the
personalities of the reformers, offering students their first direct engagement
with participants in the European reformations
- Creates an ideal accompaniment to Lindberg's The European Reformations, 2nd
edition, or can be used alongside any text on the European reformations for a
complete learning guide
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The European Reformations Sourcebook (2nd Edition)


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