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The World's Religions (2nd ed.)

The World's Religions (2nd ed.)

This book is a revised and updated edition of a popular work, which looks at
the worldÉs religions in terms of world history, and as constantly developing
systems of belief. Part I traces the development of religions, as they evolved
from the traditions of the ancient world. Part II examines the changes to
faiths and cultures following the Renaissance and the voyages of conquest and
discovery, and asks how, why, and with what effect religions have been
refashioned over the ages up to today. In this richly illustrated new edition,
religions are described through their symbols, rituals, followers, architecture
and art. References, statistics, maps and pictures have been updated and added,
illuminating the true nature of each religion. The text has been thoroughly
revised to highlight recent developments, such as the spread of Islam,
African-American and Hispanic-American religious experience, and women
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The World's Religions (2nd ed.)


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