An Introduction.
Irenaeus of Lyons (c. 130-200) has been
called Èthe first great Catholic theologianÉ. As this book explains, the
description is accurate, since the Christianity represented by Irenaeus is
recognizably that of the Catholic Church, though unfamiliar in its
primitiveness. The thought of Irenaeus represents an important stage in the
development of Christian orthodoxy.
This is a general introduction to the
theology of Irenaeus. Readers will find it comprehensive, informative, lucid,
and elegantly written. It is especially welcomed by those able to read only
English, for it is the first general book on Irenaeus to appear in English
since 1959. The book is chiefly aimed at those approaching him for the first
time, but it is based on the most recent scholarship and provides much help for
those who wish to work on him as a more advanced level.
Denis Minns
explains why Irenaeus, the 2nd-century theologian, deserves his place in
history. He explains why, though unfamiliar in its primitiveness, the
Christianity represented by Irenaeus is recognizably that of the Catholic
Church. Minns takes account of the recent scholarly work on Irenaeus and his
period which has been done in recent years, but this book is principally an
introduction to the problems of reading him. It is aimed mainly at those
approaching Irenaeus for the first time.
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