A Daring Venture

A Daring Venture

As a biochemist in early 1900s New York, Doctor Rosalind Werner has dedicated
her life to the crusade against waterborne diseases. She is at the forefront of
a groundbreaking technology that will change the way water is delivered to
every household in the city-- but only if she can get people to believe in her
Newly appointed Commissioner of Water for New York Nicholas Drake is highly
skeptical of Rosalind and her team's techniques. When a brewing court case
throws him into direct confrontation with her, he is surprised by his reaction
to the lovely scientist.
While Rosalind and Nick wage a private war against their own attraction, they
stand firmly on opposite sides of a battle that will impact far more than just
their own lives. As the controversy grows more public and inflammatory and
Rosalind becomes the target of an unknown enemy, these two rivals will face
higher stakes than they ever could have known.
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A Daring Venture


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