DBW 03: Creation and Fall

DBW 03: Creation and Fall

A Theological Exposition of Genesis 1 - 3.
Creation and Fall originated in Bonhoeffer's lectures at University of Berlin
in 1932-33 in which he called his students to focus their attention on the word
of God as the word of truth in a time of turmoil. In this volume Bonhoeffer
offers a theological exposition of the first three chapters of the Genesis as a
way to understanding the beginning" in order to better understand the present."
The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works Series offers material from some of Bonhoeffer's
most influential thoughts along with biographical information about his life,
ministry, and imprisonment. Bonhoeffer was a man of strong convictions; this
dedication to the wholeness of the Gospel cost him his life at the hand of the
Nazi regime during World War II. Each volume in this series is rich with
Bonhoeffer's wisdom of what it takes to follow Christ in a fallen world.
Series: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, volume 3.
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DBW 03: Creation and Fall


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