Who Is My Neighbor?

Who Is My Neighbor?

Lessons Learned From a Man Left for Dead.
An expert in the law" once asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal " life--and his question initiated a very interesting conversation. The Law says
to love your neighbor as yourself," Jesus pointed out, so the next logical " question is, Who is my neighbor?" Rather than offering an exhaustive list of " neighbors and non-neighbors, Jesus told a story ... the Parable of the Good
Samaritan. Out of that famous parable, Dr. Wayne Gordon draws more than forty
characteristics of the man who was beaten, robbed, and left for dead on the
road to Jericho - the character Jesus created to show Christians how to
recognize their neighbors.
Gordon brings that character vividly to life in Who Is My Neighbor?, and helps
readers use Jesus' parable as a reference point for their interactions in their
community and the world. And as readers catch Jesus' vision of neighborliness,
they will also find practical suggestions for meeting needs and changing the
lives of those around them ... that is, their neighbors!
A thoughful and prayerful read that will help each one of us more fully " live out Jesus' commandment to lover our neighbors. - Jim Wallis"
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Who Is My Neighbor?


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