The Last Days According to Jesus

When Did Jesus Say He Would Return?
Speculation and theories concerning what the last days have in store for us
abound. In the hype of sensational books and movies, one important question is
often obscured:
What did Jesus believe and teach about the end times and the timing of his
In his characteristically precise and compelling style, renowned theologian
R.C. Sproul points us to the words of Christ as providing solid, biblical
footing amid ever-shifting opinions about the age to come. He covers key
questions, such as:
* What exactly did Jesus teach about the last days on Mount Olivet?
* What generation will witness the end?
* What did Paul teach in his letters?
* What did John teach in Revelation?
* When is the resurrection?
* When is the millennium?
In addition to answering these important questions about the last days, Dr.
Sproul presents an authoritative explanation of biblical teaching about the end
times and the timing of Christ's return.
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The Last Days According to Jesus


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