The Evangelical Moment

The Evangelical Moment

The Promise of an American Religion.
Over the past
twenty-five years, the term evangelical has become almost a household word. But
who are today's evangelicals? Kenneth J. Collins shows that the evangelical
movement has never been a front for one particular Christian denomination.
Rather, it is a broad movement that encompasses those of many Christian
traditions, from Methodists to Presbyterians to Baptists. Collins believes that
evangelicals can and should welcome increased cooperation with Catholic and
Orthodox Christians on matters of shared concern. However, he believes that
evangelicals must first come to terms with an increasingly diverse American
religious landscape and forgo dreams of creating a 'Christian America.' The
Evangelical Moment is an important book for any Christian who believes that the
future health of American Christianity depends on evangelicalism recovering its
prophetic voice.
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The Evangelical Moment


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