Invitation to the Psalms

Invitation to the Psalms

A Reader's Guide for Discovery and Engagement.
The Book of Psalms is perhaps the most cherished book in the Old Testament. In
this lively volume, two experienced teachers invite students to read and
explore the Psalter and roam widely among its poems. The book introduces the
dynamics of the biblical text, helping students become careful and attentive
readers. It covers how to read Hebrew poetry, the Psalter's basic genres, the
idea of the psalmist," the metaphorical world of the Psalms, and the theology " of the Psalms. Sidebars, discussion questions, and plenty of examples enhance
the reading experience. This clear and concise guide is accessible to all
serious students of the Bible.
This is the best kind of introduction to a book of the Bible - " informative, engaging, scholarly with a light touch, well-calculated to help
people read the Bible but not to be a substitute for reading it, and capable of
encouraging people to water-ski across the psalms (as the authors themselves
put it). - John Goldingay "
Invitation to the Psalms does just that in a very winsome fashion. It is " most readable, using literary insights from modern poetry to illuminate the
character and message of the ancient psalms. It is up-to-date in its
scholarship without overburdening the reader with technicalities. In short it
is an ideal introduction to interpreting the psalms for individual or classroom
use. - Gordon Wenham"
Authors: Rolf A. Jacobson and Karl N. Jacobson.
Recommended € 19,90
€ 14,90

Invitation to the Psalms


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