Reading the Bible with Martin Luther

Reading the Bible with Martin Luther

An Introductory Guide.
Prominent Reformation historian Timothy Wengert introduces the basic components
of Martin Luther's theology of the Bible and examines Luther's contributions to
present-day biblical interpretation. Wengert addresses key points of debate
regarding Luther's approach to the Bible that have often been misunderstood,
including biblical authority, the distinction between law and gospel, the
theology of the cross, and biblical ethics. He argues that Luther, when rightly
understood, offers much wisdom to Christians searching for fresh approaches to
the interpretation of Scripture. This brief but comprehensive overview is
filled with insights on Luther's theology and its significance for contemporary
debates on the Bible, particularly the New Perspective on Paul.
1. Authority: Putting James in Its Place
2. Method: Dying and Rising
3. Interpretation: Strength Perfected in Weakness
4. Practice: Luther's Biblical Ethics
5. Example: Luther Interpreting Galatians 3:6-14
An Afterword: Looking Forward to Reading the Bible with Luther
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Reading the Bible with Martin Luther


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