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The Monkhood of All Believers

The Monkhood of All Believers

Although the institution of monasticism has existed in the Christian church
since the first century, it is often misunderstood. Greg Peters, an expert in
monastic studies, reintroduces historic monasticism to the Protestant church,
articulating a monastic spirituality for all believers.
As Peters explains, what we have known as monasticism for the past 1,500 years
is actually a modified version of the earliest monastic life, which was not
necessarily characterized by poverty, chastity, and obedience but rather by
one's single-minded focus on God--a single-mindedness rooted in one's baptismal
vows and the priesthood of all believers. Peters argues that all monks are
Christians, but all Christians are also monks. To be a monk, one must first and
foremost be singled-minded toward God. This book presents a theology of
monasticism for the whole church, offering a vision of Christian spirituality
that brings together important elements of history and practice. The author
connects monasticism to movements in contemporary spiritual formation, helping
readers understand how monastic practices can be a resource for exploring a
robust spiritual life.
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The Monkhood of All Believers


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