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Hauerwas a (very) Critical Introduction

Hauerwas a (very) Critical Introduction

Sharp, thoughtful critique of a highly respected theologian.
Stanley Hauerwas is one of the most important and robustly creative theologians
of our time, and his work is well known and much admired. But Nicholas Healy --
himself an admirer of Hauerwas's thought -- believes that it has not yet been
subjected to the kind of sustained critical analysis that is warranted by such
a significant and influential Christian thinker. As someone interested in the
broader systematic-theological implications of Hauerwas's work, Healy fills
that gap in Hauerwas: A (Very) Critical Introduction.
After a general introduction to Hauerwas's work, Healy examines three main
areas of his thought: his method, his social theory, and his theology.
According to Healy, Hauerwas's overriding concern for ethics and church-based
apologetics so dominates his thinking that he systematically distorts Christian
doctrine. Healy illustrates what he sees as the deficiencies of Hauerwas's
theology and argues that it needs substantial revision.
Theological controversy is an art in which few are skilled. This (very) " critical response to a much-admired contemporary, however, exemplifies the
virtues necessary to mount a substantial challenge without straying into
invective: it keeps calm; it concentrates on matters of substance; it manifests
sympathetic understanding of the body of writing which it seeks to contest; and
ù more than anything ù it articulates its puzzlements and disagreements on the
basis of convictions about God and the gospel. - John Webster"
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Hauerwas a (very) Critical Introduction


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