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THOTC: Joshua

THOTC: Joshua

In this volume Gordon McConville and Stephen Williams interpret the book of
Joshua in relation to Christian theology, providing exegetical commentary and
reflection on an often-troubling book that nonetheless plays a key role in the
biblical drama of salvation. McConville and Williams address significant
theological themes in Joshua, such as land, covenant, law, miracle, judgment
(including the problem of genocide), and idolatry. They posit that the
theological topics engaged in Joshua are not limited to the horizons of the
author and first readers of the book, but that Joshua is part of a much larger
testimony that concerns readers yet today.
'What a marvelous book!
Many commentaries on Joshua are disappointing and dispiriting; after using
them, you wonder what the point was. This one helps you understand the book,
helps you see the point, and sets you thinking energetically and constructively
on the theological issues it raises.' - John Goldingay
Gordon McConville and Stephen Williams.
Series: Two Horizons Old
Testament Commentary.
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THOTC: Joshua


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