The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John

A Commentary.
The author of a much-loved two volume Matthew commentary (1990) that he
greatly revised and expanded fourteen years later, Frederick Dale Bruner now
offers The Gospel of John: A Commentary - more rich fruit of his
lifetime of study and teaching. Rather than relying primarily on recent
scholarship, Bruner honors and draws from the church's major John commentators
throughout history, including Augustine, Chrysostom, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin,
Bultmann, Barrett, and many more.
Alongside this historical interpretation" is Bruner's own contemporary " interpretation, which incorporates a lucid translation of the text, references
to recent scholarship, and his pastoral application of the Gospel to
present-day experience. Like Bruner's other work, this commentary is rich in
biblical insights, broadly historical, and deeply theological.
Here is what Eugene Peterson said about Bruner's earlier work on Matthew: This is the kind of commentary I most want - a theological wrestling with " Scripture. Bruner grapples with the text not only as a technical exegete
(although he does that very well) but as a church theologian, caring
passionately about what these words tell us about God and ourselves. His
Matthew commentary is in the grand traditions of Augustine, Calvin, and Luther
- expansive and leisurely, loving the text, the people in it, and the
Christians who read it." The same could well be said about the present John commentary, which promises
to be another invaluable resource for pastors, teachers, and laypeople alike.
For those who have treasured Dale Bruner's two-volume commentary on " Matthew, the arrival of his commentary on John is yet another cause for
celebration. After sifting the best contributions of leading commentators,
Bruner adds his own unique wisdom and pastoral insight that are unmatched by
any of the many John commentaries on my shelf. This will immediately become one
of the favorite commentaries pastors reach for to find the essential ideas that
will bring John's Gospel to modern audiences. - Gary M. Burge"
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€ 54,90

The Gospel of John


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