The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia

The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) is widely acknowledged as one of the
most brilliant religious thinkers and multifaceted figures in American history.
A fountainhead of modern evangelicalism, Edwards wore many hats during his
lifetime-theologian, philosopher, pastor and town leader, preacher,
missionary, college president, family man, among others.

With nearly four hundred entries, this encyclopedia provides a
wide-ranging perspective on Edwards, offering succinct synopses of topics large
and small from his life, thought, and work. Summaries of Edwards's ideas
as well as descriptions of the people and events of his times are all easy to
find, and suggestions for further reading point to ways to explore topics in
greater depth.

Comprehensive and reliable, with contributions by 169 premier Edwards
scholars from throughout the world, The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia will long
stand as the standard reference work on this significant, extraordinary

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The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia


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