Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism

Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism

Fills the need for a truly mid-level, quality textbook on New
Testament textual criticism

Presenting all the essential, foundational elements necessary to grasp
textual criticism of the New Testament, Stanley Porter and Andrew Pitts
accurately define the subject of textual criticism, discuss the canon and
manuscripts of the New Testament, outline methodological principles, and more,
concluding with a chapter on New Testament translations and how to evaluate

Part of a coordinated Greek study curriculum, this volume is designed
to function as a companion to Fundamentals of New Testament Greek and its
accompanying workbook (Eerdmans, 2010); an intermediate grammar of New
Testament Greek is forthcoming.

This very readable textbook provides a helpful and balanced " introduction to text criticism aimed at just the right level for beginning
students. It is clear, introduces multiple views, gives good reasons for the
approaches it favors, and - an unexpected bonus - offers in two relevant
chapters useful, concise introductions to canon formation and translation
Craig S. Keener - Asbury Theological Seminary

Recommended € 21,90

€ 15,90

Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism


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