Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

Student-friendly intro to one of America's most fascinating
theological minds

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) has long been recognized as one of
the preeminent thinkers in the early Enlightenment and a major figure in the
history of American Christianity.

In this accessible one-volume text, leading Edwards experts Oliver
Crisp and Kyle Strobel introduce readers to the formidable mind of
Jonathan Edwards as they survey key theological and philosophical themes in his
thought, including his doctrine of the Trinity, his philosophical theology of
God and creation, and his understanding of the atonement and salvation.

More than two centuries after his death, theologians and historians
alike are finding the larger-than-life Edwards more interesting than ever.
Crisp and Strobel's concise yet comprehensive guide will help students of
this influential eighteenth-century revivalist preacher to understand why.

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Jonathan Edwards


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