The Theater of God's Glory

The Theater of God's Glory

A theological framework for the liturgical arts rooted in John

Both detractors and supporters of John Calvin have deemed him an enemy
of the physical body, a pessimist toward creation, and a negative influence on
the liturgical arts. But, says W. David O. Taylor, that only tells half of the

Taylor examines Calvin's trinitarian theology as it intersects his
doctrine of the physical creation in order to argue for a positive theological
account of the liturgical arts. He does so believing that Calvin's theology
can serve, perhaps surprisingly, as a rich resource for understanding the
theological purposes of the arts in corporate worship.

Drawing on Calvin's Institutes, biblical commentaries, sermons,
catechisms, treatises, and worship orders, this book represents one of the most
thorough investigations available of John Calvin's theology of the physical
creation-and the promising possibilities it opens up for the formative
role of the arts in worship.

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The Theater of God's Glory


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