In This World of Wonders

In This World of Wonders

World-renowned Christian philosopher. Beloved professor. Author of the classic
Lament for a Son. Nicholas Wolterstorff is all of these and more. His memoir,
In This World of Wonders, opens a remarkable new window into the life and
thought of this remarkable man.
Written not as a complete life story but as a series of vignettes,
Wolterstorff's memoir moves from his humble beginnings in a tiny Minnesota
village to his education at Calvin College and Harvard University, to his
career of teaching philosophy and writing books, to the experiences that
prompted some of his writing - particularly his witnessing South African
apartheid and Palestinian oppression firsthand.
In This World of Wonders is the story of a thoughtful and grateful Christian
whose life has been shaped by many lovesùlove of philosophy, love of family,
love of art and architecture, love of nature and gardening, and more. It's a
lovely, wonderful story.
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In This World of Wonders


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