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The IVP Bible Background Commentary Old Testament

The IVP Bible Background Commentary Old Testament

The unique commentary joins The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New
Testament in providing historical, social and cultural background for each
passage of the Old Testament. From Genesis through Malachi, this single volume
gathers and condenses an abundance of specialized knowledge - making it
available and accessible to ordinary readers of the Old Testament.

'The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament is a treasure of
information crucial to enriching your understanding of the Bible. The authors
are experts in the field of Old Testament and its ancient Near Eastern world
and present the fruits of their research in an extremely accessible way to
allow modern readers to bridge the horizon back to the ancient context of the
Bible.' - Tremper Longman
Authors: John H. Walton, Victor H.
Matthews en Mark W. Chavalas.
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€ 26,90

The IVP Bible Background Commentary Old Testament


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