ACT: Genesis 1 - 3

ACT: Genesis 1 - 3

Severian of Gabala and Bede the Venerable.

The church fathers displayed considerable interest in the early chapters of
Genesis, and often wrote detailed commentaries or preached series of homilies
on the Hexameron - the Six Days of Creation - among them Eustathius of Antioch,
Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Ambrose, John
Chrysostom and Augustine.

This volume of Ancient Christian Texts offers a first-time English translation
of Severian of Gabala's In cosmogoniam and a fresh translation of a
portion of Bede the Venerable's Libri quatuor in principium Genesis.
Severian, bishop of Gabala in Syria, who early on was a friend of John
Chrysostom, later turned against him and opposed him at the Synod of Oak in
403. Though displaying his own strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies,
Severian still represents the so-called Antiochene school with its preference
for literal over allegorical interpretation of texts. The text derives from the
critical edition found in Clavis patrum graecorum and has been ably
translated with explanatory notes by Robert C. Hill.

The commentary from Bede the Venerable derives from Book I of his four-book
commentary on Genesis from the account of creation to the casting out of
Ishmael. Bede was a polymath - teacher, computist, exegete, historian - and one
of the foremost scholars from Anglo-Saxon England. As a teacher, Bede strove to
hand on the tradition of the church in a form easily understood by those who
might not be well educated. These early chapters in Genesis provided teaching
on creation, human origins, sin and redemption. The text deriving from
Corpus Christianorum Latina is ably translated with explanatory notes
by Carmen Hardin.

Editor: Michael Glerup.
Translators: Robert C. Hill and Carmen S. Hardin.

Series: Ancient Christian Texts.

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ACT: Genesis 1 - 3


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