Theologies of the American Revivalists

Theologies of the American Revivalists

For centuries, revivals-and the conversions they
inspire-have played a significant role in American evangelicalism.

Often unnoticed or unconsidered, however, are the particular theologies
underlying these revivals and conversions to faith.

With that in mind, church historian Robert Caldwell traces the
fascinating story of American revival theologies from the First Great Awakening
through the Second Great Awakening, from roughly 1740 to 1840.

As he uncovers this aspect of American religious history, Caldwell
offers a reconsideration of the theologies of figures such as George
Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, Joseph Bellamy, Samuel Hopkins, and
Charles Finney. His scope also includes movements, such as New Divinity
theology, Taylorism, Baptist revival theology, Princeton theology, and the
Restorationist movement.

With this study, we gain fresh insight into what it meant to become a
Christian during the age of America's great awakenings.

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Theologies of the American Revivalists



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