NSBT 08: Slave of Christ

NSBT 08: Slave of Christ

A New Testament Metaphor for Total Devotion to Christ.
The New Testament finds many ways to depict the relationship of Christians and
their Lord. They are his disciples, sons, daughters and friends. But it is
perhaps too little recognized that they are also his slaves.
In this study Murray J. Harris sets out to uncover what it means to be a slave
of Christ. He begins by assessing the nature of actual slavery in the
Greco-Roman world and the New Testament's attitude towards it. Drawing insights
from this, he goes on to unfold the metaphor of slavery to Christ. Among the
topics discussed are slavery and spiritual freedom, lordship, owndership, and
Slave of Christ is a model of good biblical theology, providing
insights both for future study of the Bible and for practical application. (=
Combines meticulous scholarship and the careful unpacking of a biblical " theme that is widely neglected [...]. A most valuable work. - D.A. Carson"
Series: New Studies in BiblicalTheology, volume 8.
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NSBT 08: Slave of Christ


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