BST: The Message of Ezekiel

BST: The Message of Ezekiel

A New Heart and a New Spirit.
The land was awash with false gods
and groaning under all kinds of social evil. The inevitable happened; God's
horrific judgment on his people started to unfold. A young Ezekiel, carried off
to exile in Babylon, was commissioned by the Lord to warn of a more devastating
and unthinkable judgment. When the most traumatic event in Israel's whole
biblical history did happen - the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple -
Ezekiel's ministry took a new turn as the bulk of the displaced population
joined the existing exiles. He struggled to bring some kind of meaning, comfort
and hope to a shattered, decimated and totally demoralised rump of God's
people, Israel. Wright vividly explores Ezekiel's varied and dramatic
mission at several levels: his unwilting preparation for the task; the social
and political background to his work; the character of his ministry as
watchman, evangelist and pastor; and the wider mission context of Ezekiel's
vision - the knowledge of the Lord in Israel and amongst the
Series: The Bible Speaks Today.
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BST: The Message of Ezekiel


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