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Authentic Christianity 2: Acts 4-5

Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles.
How did a handful of
ignorant and unlearned people become such a mighty force that they turned the
great Roman Empire upside down?
It was the power of the gospel message
that changed the hearts of the New Testament believers, giving them a new life,
a new strength, and a new start. They were emboldened by a truth they knew they
had to share, regardless of the persecution and trials that would come their
way. And just as the world rejected Christianity then, it continues to do so
today--except that people now believe they are being clever and modern in
renouncing this 'antiquated notion.'
Martyn Lloyd-Jones demonstrates
how the characteristics of the first persecution and unbelief account precisely
for the rejection that so marks our present time. Through these powerful
sermons on Acts 4 and 5, you will see the utter hopelessness and tragedy of a
world desperately in trouble, yet refusing the one truth that can save it. And
with the greater understanding that you'll gain, you'll be able to speak
directly to people's need as you courageously share the message of
Christianity. (1581343094 / 9781581343090)
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Authentic Christianity 2: Acts 4-5


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