Authentic Christianity 3: Acts 5 - 6

Authentic Christianity 3: Acts 5 - 6

Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles.
In language that is
simple and clear, Martyn Lloyd-Jones explores the growth of the church in Acts
5:17-6:9 in this third volume of the Studies in the Book of Acts series. He
begins with Peter's refusal to keep silent about the resurrection of Jesus
Christ from the dead and ends with Stephen's bold confrontation with Jews who
had come to Jerusalem from all over the Mediterranean world. For readers
wanting to learn what Christianity is all about, Acts is the place to go - and
readers will find that this Bible expositor is an accomplished guide to the
book. (= 1581345143 / 9781581345148)
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Authentic Christianity 3: Acts 5 - 6


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