The Westminster Larger Catechism

The Westminster Larger Catechism

A Commentary.
Of the three documents that comprise the Westminster Standards, the Larger Catechism has been the most neglected, even
by conservative Presbyterians who profess to embrace these Standards. J.G. Vos
wrote a series of studies of the Larger Catechism that first appeared in Blue
Banner Faith and Life (1946-49) and has never circulated widely. G.I.
Williamson has edited VosÉs commentary, and P R is publishing it in book
form for the first time. Because the Larger Catechism supplements the Shorter
Catechism on such topics as the church and the means of grace, Presbyterians
dare not ignore it.
'Vos's commentary can serve a very useful
function for the church. He relates the catechism to issues that were
contemporary to him and that are still contemporary for us.' - W. Robert
Editor: G.I. Williamson.
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The Westminster Larger Catechism


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