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From Heaven He Came and Sought Her

From Heaven He Came and Sought Her

Definite atonement in historical, Biblical, theological, and pastoral
With contributions from a number of well-respected Reformed theologians and
church leaders, this volume offers a comprehensive defense for the doctrine of
limited atonement from historical, biblical, theological, and pastoral
There is a palpable sense of confusion-and sometimes even embarrassment-with
regard to so-called limited atonement today, pointing to the need for
thoughtful engagement with this controversial doctrine.Incorporating
contributions from a host of respected theologians,'From Heaven He Came and
Sought Her' stands as the first comprehensive resource on definite atonement as
it examines the issue from historical, biblical, theological, and pastoral
Offering scholarly insights for those seeking a thorough and well-researched
discussion, this book will encourage charitable conversations as it winsomely
defends this foundational tenet of Reformed theology.
I cannot imagine that this book could have been published twenty-five " years ago: there were not at that time enough well-informed theologians working
in the Reformed heritage to produce a volume of such clarity and competence.
Whatever side you hold in this debate, henceforth you dare not venture into the
discussion without thoughtfully reading this book, which, mercifully, makes
argument by stereotype and reductionism a great deal more difficult. Above all,
this book will elicit adoration as its readers ponder afresh what Jesus
achieved on the cross. - D.A. Carson"
The topic is worthy enough. Yet the lineup of contributors to this volume " makes this, in my view, the most impressive defense of definite atonement in
over a century. Beyond rehearsing traditional arguments, first-rate historical,
biblical, and systematic theologians bring fresh angles and exegesis to bear.
From Heaven He Came and Sought Her is a gift that will no doubt keep on giving
for generations to come. - Michael Horton"
Editors: David Gibson and Jonathen Gibson.
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From Heaven He Came and Sought Her


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