The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles

Four Centuries of Baptist Interpretation. The Baptists'
The Acts of the Apostles: Four Centuries of Baptist
Interpretation is a landmark work of research, containing examples of
specific ways that Baptists have used Acts in their confessions, sermons,
tracts, commentaries, monographs, devotional and denominational literature,
speeches, and hymns. Including the entirety of the Acts as translated by
Baptist luminary Helen Barrett Montgomery, this commentary beautifully
illustrates the diversity of Baptist responses to this book of Scripture, and
in so doing, a variety of hermeneutical approaches within the Baptist
Editors: Beth Allison Barr, Bill J. Leonard, Mikeal C.
Parsons, and C. Douglas Weaver.
'This is a path-breaking scholarly
undertaking that shows Baptists the scriptural reasoning that underlies their
denominational existence. For Christians of other denominations, it is useful
in understanding Baptists. And for New Testament scholars, it helpfully
examines the ways the text has been interpreted throughout the denomination's
history.' - David W. Bebbington
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The Acts of the Apostles


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