Kingdom (2e hands)

The Expression of God's Rule.

It has been said that history teaches us that history teaches us nothing. However true this may be in general terms, the fact that we so frequently look to the past in an attempt to shape our future by applying its lessons in the present suggests we remain keen to learn. In the context of the subject of this book, though the stalwarts of the faith can serve as tremendous examples, it is to the lessons of Scripture that we must turn if we are to have a better idea of what the kingdom of God is, what that means for us as believers, and how we can be better equipped to extend its values in today's world. Thus, what we understand by the term 'kingdom of God' will not only determine whether we believe ourselves to be its citizens, but also how we think we should conduct ourselves in the light of such knowledge.
It is the contention of this book that the biblical concept of kingdom as the expression of God's rule requires greater clarity of presentation in order to prevent it from confusion and/or distortion amongst Christians.
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Kingdom (2e hands)


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