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Christ and Covenant Theology

Christ and Covenant Theology

In the biblical drama of the living God's works in " creation and redemption, writes Cornelis Venema, "no theme is more " lustrous than that of God's gracious intention to enjoy communion with
humans who bear his image and whose lives have been broken through

This collection of Venema's essays summarizes and defends a broad
consensus view of the doctrine of the covenants in the history of Reformed
theology and clarifies several areas of dispute.

Venema argues that (1) the distinction between a pre-fall covenant of
works and a post-fall covenant of grace is an integral feature of a biblical
and confessionally Reformed understanding of the history of redemption; (2) the
distinction between a pre-fall covenant of works and a post-fall covenant of
grace is necessary to preserve the sheer graciousness of God's redemption
in Jesus Christ; and (3) the doctrines of covenant and election are corollary
doctrines, not opposed to each other, but mutually defining.

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Christ and Covenant Theology


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