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Why Not Same-Sex Marriage?

Why Not Same-Sex Marriage?

A Manual for Defending Marriage Against Radical Deconstruction.
Gracious Answers to 101 False Arguments for Redefining Civil Marriage This book
is a manual to resource the defense of marriage against radical deconstruction.
It mainly consists of objectively formulated, well targeted responses that each
refute a false or misleading truth claim used to confuse or weaken
understanding and support for what distinguishes real marriage from same-sex
relationships. Each response is limited to one page followed by a second page
listing resources supporting that response. Beyond these targeted responses,
the book provides supplemental materials that include two first-person accounts
(one male, one female) by persons who have wrestled with same-sex attractions
and emerged to embrace procreationally structured sexual relationships; a list
of places where persons with unwanted same-sex attractions can find help; and
two researched essays that validate truth claims on which this book depends.
This manual is unique because it provides succinctly stated, easily understood
responses to 101 false ideas being used to challenge and reshape opinion on the
nature, structure, and purpose of marriage. Second, the book is unique because
it provides targeted responses to false claims in a manner that makes them easy
to access and apply. Readers with little time are thus freed from having to
wade through pages of material before discovering how best to respond to
allegations aimed at weakening respect and support for real marriage. In other
words, this book is written, formatted, and produced to equip defenders of real
marriage with what they need to be effective.
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Why Not Same-Sex Marriage?


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