Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

Christ's Anointed Minister to South Africa.
In an era that saw many gifted and diligent ministers, missionaries and
evangelists being used by God to powerfully advance Christ's Kingdom work in
South Africa, Andrew Murray (1828-1917) emerged as that country's premier
preacher, devotional writer and Church leader. Andrew Murray's writings and
influence are still felt today and Vance Christie skilfully and faithfully
brings his story to life for a new generation.
Vance Christie has done an excellent job on Murray's life. This is a fine, " relatively brief volume on a huge subject, and I find it accurate and
edifying. - Douglas F. Kelly"
An edifying book on a model Protestant saint. May God use it to revive His " church today. - Douglas A. Sweeney"
Series: History Makers.
Recommended € 14,90
€ 9,90

Andrew Murray


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