The Essential Trinity

The Essential Trinity

The Trinity is foundational to Christian theology. Unfortunately,
however, it is not uncommon to encounter the view that the Trinity is a
non-biblical doctrine (or perhaps one possible way of reading biblical texts).
Likewise, many consider the Trinity to be a 'take it or leave it
doctrine' when it comes to living the Christian life.

However, historically in the Christian church the Trinity has been
understood to be robustly biblical, with immense relevance for practical
living. With this in mind, this volume eschews overly technical discussion and
focuses on the importance of the doctrine for every Christian.

Part 1 considers the trinitarian contours of every corpus of the New
Testament, along with a chapter on the Trinity and the Old Testament. Part 2
counters the charge that the Trinity is irrelevant as a practical doctrine by
considering selected topics in Christian life and ministry.

Christian theology has always affirmed the Trinity as a non-negotiable
aspect of the one catholic and apostolic faith, even when differences persist
over some other theological and ecclesiastical elements. The scope of this
volume provides strong evidence that the Trinity is essential for faithful
interpretation of Scripture, and for day-to-day living.

The contributors are Richard Bauckham, Brandon D. Crowe, Benjamin L.
Gladd, Mark S. Gignilliat, Jonathan I. Griffiths, Daniel Johannson, Robert
Letham, Michael Reeves, Brian S. Rosner, Scott R. Swain, Alan J. Thompson, Mark
D. Thompson and Carl R. Trueman.

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The Essential Trinity


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