NSBT 37: Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?

NSBT 37: Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?

A Biblical Theology of the Book of Leviticus.
In many ways, this is the fundamental question of Old Testament IsraelÆs
cultùand, indeed, of life itself. How can creatures made from dust become
members of God's household forever"? The question of ascending God's mountain " to his house was likely recited by pilgrims on approaching the temple on Mount
Zion during the annual festivals. This entrance liturgy runs as an undercurrent
throughout the Pentateuch and is at the heart of its central book, Leviticus.
Its dominating concern, as well as that of the rest of the Bible, is the way in
which humanity may come to dwell with God. Israel's deepest hope was not merely
a liturgical question, but a historical quest. Under the Mosaic covenant, the
way opened up by God was through the Levitical cult of the tabernacle and later
temple, its priesthood and rituals.
The advent of Christ would open up a new and living way into the house of
Godùindeed, that was the goal of his taking our humanity upon himself, his
suffering, his resurrection and ascension. In this stimulating volume in the
New Studies in Biblical Theology, Michael Morales explores the narrative
context, literary structure and theology of Leviticus. He follows its dramatic
movement, examines the tabernacle cult and the Day of Atonement, and tracks the
development from SinaiÆs tabernacle to ZionÆs templeùand from the earthly to
the heavenly Mount Zion in the New Testament. He shows how life with God in the
house of God was the original goal of the creation of the cosmos, and became
the goal of redemption and the new creation. Addressing key issues in biblical
theology, the works comprising New Studies in Biblical Theology are creative
attempts to help Christians better understand their Bibles.
This book promises to give us not only a theology of Leviticus, but also a " richer theology of the Pentateuch, and finally of the whole Bible. I predict
this volume will spawn some excellent sermon series on Leviticus. - D.A. " Carson
Series: New Studies in Biblical Theology, volume 37.
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NSBT 37: Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?


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