FOB: 1 Kings

FOB: 1 Kings

The Wisdom and the Folly.
1 Kings is a continuation of a narrative of the history of Israel which begins in 1 Samuel and continues
through into 1 and 2 Kings. While we so often struggle with the events and issues of the book of 1st Kings, Ralph Davis helps us to see how it we can
apply to the contemporary settings of the 21st century. As usual Ralph Davis
uses pastoral application and laces it with his own sense of humour. He is
noted for tackling scholarship head on.
'ÈRobustÉ - thatÉs the word
[...] a robust understanding, defence, explanation and application of First
Kings as the Word of God. Here is no ÈFirst Kings in my own wordsÉ - the
boring, fruitless fate of most commentaries on Bible History - but a delicious
feast of truth, proof that the ancients were right to call the historians
ÈprophetsÉ.' - Alec Motyer
Series: Focus on the
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FOB: 1 Kings


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