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The Priesthood of Christ

The Priesthood of Christ

Its Necessity and Nature.
John Owen is noted for taking themes
that those who had gone before had often
wrestled with and write with clarity and depth. He does the same here with 'The
Priesthood of Christ'. Having studied the Book of Hebrews in great depth and
written a world renowned commentary on it, John Owen is able to give us a
comprehensive guide to this important theme. He explains how the Old Testament
pillars of the Law and the Covenant relate to Christ's office of Priest.
Includes an introduction from Sinclair B. Ferguson.
This book is worth " the time it takes to read it with humility, care, and
reflection. At the end you will be grateful to Owen that you are stronger
spiritually and theologically than you were at the beginning. - Sinclair " Ferguson
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The Priesthood of Christ


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