Keeping the Heart

Keeping the Heart

How to Maintain Your Love for God.
This is John Flavel's classic work on union and fellowship with God. In a
comprehensive and helpful manner Flavel helps us understand better what
'keeping the heart' means. He tells us why we should take this commission
seriously and speaks about there being particular times when we need to be
especially wary of being distracted from our goal. He then shows how we can go
on to develop a greater ability in keeping our hearts in tune with God. His
advice is timeless, sensitive and profound. Flavel was an English Puritan who
became a non-conformist after the 'Great Ejection' of 1662. It was 10 years
before he was licenced to preach again, and then only in his own home. His
writings, when collected in the 19th century, filled 6 volumes. Flavel's
writings are known for their practical nature. He was instrumental in promoting
the 'Happy Union' of Presbyterians and Congregationalists.
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Keeping the Heart


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