365 Days with William Wilberforce

365 Days with William Wilberforce

A collection of daily readings from the writings of William Wilberforce, the " friend of humanity."
William Wilberforce (1759-1833) led the twenty-year fight to abolish the
British slave trade. He championed medical aid for the poor, prison
rehabilitation, education for the deaf and restrictions on child labour.
Wilberforce found nothing more effectual than private prayer, and the serious
perusal of the New Testament.
He maintained: All may be done through prayer, " almighty prayer. He insisted that "in the calmness of the morning, before the " mind is heated and wearied by the turmoil of the day, you have a season of
unusual importance for communing with God and with yourself. He seized upon " such opportunities, believing: God will prosper me better if I wait on him.""
365 Days with Wilberforce is a collection unlike any other. Drawing directly
from Wilberforce's writings, the selections in this book illustrate how God
sustained and guided him. Those who seek to walk their pilgrim's progress
aright will find much to ponder, pray over and treasure.
Editor: Kevin Belmonte.
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365 Days with William Wilberforce


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