The Glory of Grace

The Glory of Grace

Who were the Puritans? What did they seek to achieve? What were their successes
and failures? Are they of any importance to Christians today?
We firmly believe that all Christians need to discover the important story of
how these men and women sought to follow Jesus Christ. Their convictions
resulted in a brave and joyful faith, and the writing they have left us on the
Christian life continues to be a rich resource for our own discipleship.
Meeting the Puritans by listening to them has enriched both of us more than we
can express. And so, in The Glory of Grace, we want to introduce you to people
who had a deep love for Jesus Christ and a great vision for the Christian life.
We all have much to learn...
Each chapter contains a concise introduction followed by carefully selected
excerpts from key Puritan works, together with suggestions for further reading.
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The Glory of Grace


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