TB: Amy Carmichael

TB: Amy Carmichael

'I can't see! It's dark everywhere. What place is this? Where am I?'
Jeya was only four years old and was terrified as she tried to peer about the
dark and gloomy temple. Between the pillars was a huge stone body. She shivered
when she saw its face. This, she knew, was Kali, the goddess of death and
Why was Jeya there? Who would leave a little girl in the dark like that?
Certainly not the God of love - he sent a woman to rescue these children from
destruction - Amy Carmichael. And she had been a little girl herself once a
little girl with long dark hair, and deep brown eyes. Once she had even begged
God to make them blue - but he hadn't. And as Amy leaned over to pick little
Jeya up and rescue her from a life of temple-slavery - she was very glad that
God hadn't listened to her prayers. Blue eyes were not the eyes of India - but
Amy's brown eyes were.
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TB: Amy Carmichael


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