The Longing of the Heart

The Longing of the Heart

Augustine's Doctrine on Prayer.
Augustine often falls outside
the scope of people that look for prayers among famous spiritual masters.
Presumably this is caused by the absence of a monograph on prayer by his hand.
However, anyone who knows his writings, also knows that the force of this
inspiring man was based on prayer. Who else than the celebrated authority on
Augustine, T.J. van Bavel (1923-2007), can introduce us to this dimension of
Augustine. In this book he shows how this passionate North African combined the
inner self, prayer, intellectual effort and pastoral dedication to a harmonious
whole. His Confessions, confessions of sin and gratitude, are monumental
and belong to our religious heritage. His Sermons about the Psalms
formed the right moments to incite his faithful to a life of prayer. One will
hardly find in his other writings and sermons texts that do not mention the
theme of prayer. Much of his ideas have influenced greatly religious leaders of
later times.
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The Longing of the Heart


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