A Door Opening Into Everlasting Life

A Door Opening Into Everlasting Life

An Essay Tending to Advance Gospel Holiness, and to Establish the Hearts of True Believers against Their Many Doubts and Fears.
Gray's goal in this classis is to aim for holiness. He uses a five-pronged approach to spur true believers onward in pursuit of living to God. First, he argues why Christians should pursue sanctified lives. Second, he provides directions for 'living holily'. Third, he describes marks of grace evidenced in true believers's lives. Fourth, he answers fears, doubts and objections raised by those in the process of being sanctified, but who feel the poverty of their own sanctification. Finally, he encourages the children of God by unfolding the privileges and happiness of those who by grace may follow after Christ.
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A Door Opening Into Everlasting Life


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