Surprised by Scripture

Surprised by Scripture

Engaging with Contemporary Issues.
A thoughtful and provocative book, in the vein of C. S. Lewis's classic The Weight of Glory. Tom Wright was recently acclaimed by Newsweek as 'the world's leading New Testament scholar'. For all who've read Wright's Scripture and the Authority of God, and would like to see how the principles he explores there can be worked out in practice.
In this challenging collection of his best recent sermons and speeches, Tom Wright provides a series of case studies that show how the Bible can be applied to pressing contemporary issues, including: How it is possible to love the Bible and affirm evolution Why belief in heaven means we should be at the forefront of the environmental movement Where Christians today have lost focus, and why it is important for them to engage in politics Helpful, practical, and wise, Surprised by Scripture demonstrates how to affirm the Bible in today's world - as well as mapping out new ways of applying its principles and engaging effectively with the world around us. (= 9780062230539)
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Surprised by Scripture


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Wright, Tom - Korte, inspirerende meditaties waarmee je je leefwereld kunt onderzoeken en waarin je Gods aanwezigheid kunt ontdekken. Dit boek brengt je tot rust door ...
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