Cultural World of the Bible, Fourth Edition

Cultural World of the Bible, Fourth Edition

An Illustrated Guide to Manners and Customs.
In this new edition of a successful book (over 120,000 copies sold), now
updated throughout, a leading expert on the social world of the Bible offers
students a reliable guide to the manners and customs of the ancient world. From
what people wore, ate, and built to how they exercised justice, mourned, and
viewed family and legal customs, this illustrated introduction helps readers
gain valuable cultural background on the biblical world. The attractive,
full-color, user-friendly design will appeal to students, while numerous
pedagogical features--including fifty photos, sidebars, callouts, maps, charts,
a glossary of key terms, chapter outlines, and discussion questions--increase
classroom utility. Previously published as Manners and Customs in the Bible.
Matthews provides a reliable guide to the world of the Bible. Readers will " be enlightened by the many details that he pulls together from a wide range of
sources. His broad knowledge of the ancient world and its texts will serve well
the reader who desires to dig deeper into the Bible and understand it in its
cultural context. - John Walton"
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€ 24,90

Cultural World of the Bible, Fourth Edition


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